Flooring Installation Prep Tips

How to Prepare Your Home for the Day of Your Flooring Installation

Properly preparing for flooring installation will ensure you are set up for the arrival of the installation crew, and your new flooring will be as beautiful as possible. Continue to read if you want to know what the best steps are to prepare your home for the day of your new floor installation!

Ensure All Other Remodeling Is Complete

If you are installing new floors you are probably planning to complete other home renovation projects also. While it seems like a minor first step, it is important to be sure that all other remodeling projects are completed before the day of your floor installation, this should include painting and any repairs. Installing new floors is the last step in your renovation project.

Complete Door Adjustments Before

If you have never had a new floor installed in your home, it is important that you understand that new flooring will increase the floor height which means doors will need to be adjusted, as will baseboards, or trim.

Create a Designated Work Zone

Most installers will require some form of designated workspace so that they can prepare and store materials outside of the area where they will be laying the new floors. It is best if you choose and clear out a workspace before your installation begins to ensure a seamless workday and no downtime. If you have room, designate your garage as the work area, however, an empty driveway can make a great work zone also. Your installers need an area that is big enough to resize materials and keep their tools out of the new floor’s space.

Bonus Tip: Make sure that any obstacles between the work zone and the flooring area are removed, so your installer’s pathway is easier to maneuver through.

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